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Learning Realms at Arguta

Arguta learning Studio are designed in four basic parts for every age student to endure and foster talent in each individual. ALS cover all range from Nursery to Class 12th, this helps arguta learning system to design activity based on internal talent for each individual

Girl in Classroom

Arguta Land

Learning Studio - Nursery to Second


Arguta Atrium

Learning Studio - 3rd to 5th


Arguta Arcade

Learning Studio - 6th to 8th


Arguta Lyseum

Learning Studio - 9th to 12th


Extended Learning in Science, Management, Arts, Technology and Sports 

As the children grow, it becomes important that their skill set grow as well, however in right direction. We at Arguta iNTERNATIONAL SCHOOL identify one skill every month that we like to impart in children. According to their age group we infuse these skills among students with the help of various activities and workshops. This method make learning fun for the students and inspires them to work towards their real talent.

Science Lab

It helps students to remember the concepts better. It helps to transfer the experience to other learning situations. It is a facility that provides controlled conditions in which scientific research, experiments and measurement may be performed.

Management Lab

The idea is to show the students up front exactly what is expected of them. It also helps students organize their time schedules and keep on track. When considering the labs you want to do, keep the time constraints in mind.

Arts Lab

Art allows children to express themselves. While mastering a subject certainly builds student’s confidence, there is something special about practicing fine art. Drawing, painting, sketching and sculpting help develop visual and spatial skills. Art education teaches how to interpret, criticize and use visual information, and how to make choices based on it when children strive to draw or paint a particular picture which is in their minds on the paper.

Technology Lab

Having a dedicated space for access to advance technology and a space where student feel empowered to engage in high level problem solving is crucial for student development in the 21st century 

Sports Lab

Students have to participate in school sports to increase confidence, mental alertness, and self-esteem. Sports are important in schools because it helps to teach various skills to students like leadership, patience, patience, team efforts, and social skills.

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