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Online Schooling : Save life while not getting harmed

Updated: May 7, 2021

India has spiked covid cases in larger numbers, uncontrolled second wave has proved to be biggest catastrophe. Now speculations are made of third wave which is assumed to be more contagious and to affect more kids.

On the other hand Europe and North America have started to open schools after long pause due to effective vaccination programs and covid protocols, other countries like

Canada amongst all has became the first to start vaccinating program for kids. Pharmaceutical company Pfizer to follow same with USA, in all this where does India stands while it struggles with everything from oxygen, beds to vaccination

Considering the situation, it may seem discouraging for some kids, parents and schools to continue at least one more year with online sessions. Regarding schools, parents have a better chance to gear up with more effective tools, making this year more sustainable with effective implementation of online classes and convincing more parents to enrol kids online while life battles corona outside home. Our country needs to fight virus effectively but can our country fully adapt online schooling to save future of education for our kids. Can we really be saved from not actually getting harmed?

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