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Online Schooling- Opportunity or Excuse

Mostly schools all over the world under cover-19 pandemic situation are trying to convince parents to attend classes on various online media as physical schooling is not allowed under government guidelines to prevent spread of corona virus, while some developed nations are able to support there people by providing amenities and resources to support educational ecosystem, other developing nations government has left there people to decode problem on it's own.

Some parents consider online schooling as best alternative under these times to save child's year while some parents consider it as a gimmick by school authorities to attain fees.

Importantly, former parents are those who are well versed with resources like laptop, internet and basic IT skills and later simply do not have sufficient skills and resources to let their kids participate.

In order to cultivate growth in nation, education plays former role, government needs to support such parents, they need to participate and understand, why it is important, buying a computer or mobile phone will only let there kids learn about IT, which is necessity and can't be excuse, keeping a kid around the books with notes on emails will only help students to prepare for future rather than risk of leaving their educational career for lifetime.

If such problems are not taken care of, this pandemic will arise issues like illiteracy to non- employment and may take any country's growth back by decade.

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